our Core Values

• Integrity – say what you mean and mean what you say.  Back in the day, it was “your word is your bond”!  Well, that’s just who we are plain and simple.   In our business, it isn’t always practiced and therefore, some people have a “less than positive” attitude toward builders but we believe that if you select us as your builder you will get more than you pay for!


• Quality – it’s not necessarily measured by how much something costs and it’s not just a catchy slogan … it does describe how we build homes regardless of size, style, or cost.  We often refer to it as “attention to detail” and we believe that you will discover it in our approach to innovative design, features and amenities that enhance your lifestyle, energy efficiency that benefits your pocketbook and the environment, the finished product you get to call “home”!


• Experience – it’s a great teacher and we don’t mind telling you that we have lots of it!  In fact, Tom has more than 35 years of it.  What it doesn’t mean is “stuck in the past”!  While some methods and techniques are timeless, technology is changing and changing fast.  We work hard to stay up with the improvements in products and building systems so we can deliver you the best home possible.  That includes green building and energy efficiency!  The good thing about all of our experience is we can tell pretty quickly what is a “fad” and what will actually “work”.


• Service – “nobody listens anymore”!  Don’t you just hate to hear that?  We do.  We like custom work because we take the time to listen to you.  We like the relationships that are formed in the process.  They usually result in repeat build opportunities or referrals to friends, family, or co-workers but more importantly, the client/builder relationship allows us to exceed your expectations.  We believe you will find the level of customer service in the actual building experience and the business reporting to be different than most other builders offer.



Distinctive Custom Homes that are Designed for Living, Built for Life!

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